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Introducing Suzuki's DF300-the world's first 300 Horsepower 4-stroke outboard. Designed with a 4.0-liter V6 engine-the largest displacement found in the industry-Suzuki's latest in state-of-the-art outboard power is designed to power big performance-oriented RIBS, large center consoles, and fishing boats with plenty of low-end torque, smooth acceleration, and exciting top-end speeds.

PACKED WITH SUZUKI'S PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES The DF300 takes advantage of many of the same sophisticated technologies proven in our other V-6 4-sroke outboards. Performance enhancing features such as dual overhead cam (DOHC) powerhead with 4-valves per cylinder, Suzuki's Variable Valve Timing (VVT), and multi-point electronic fuel injection that make DF300 the most powerful 4-stroke outboard in the industry, and other features like a narrow 55ш V-block design, offset driveshaft, and two-stage gear reduction make DF300 compact and sleek.

LONG TRACK INTAKE MANIFOLD Getting air to flow smoothly into the engine is another way to increase power output, that's why the DF300 is fitted with long intake pipes in an inline layout, specially tuned to keep airflow smooth.

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE AND CLEAN OPERATION Suzuki's 4-stroke technology delivers clean, efficient operation that conforms to EURO 1 Emissions Standards and an Ultra-Low Emissions 3-Star rating from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

LARGE AIR INTAKE WITH WATER SEPARATOR A large air induction port contributes to the DF300's high power output by maximizing airflow into the engine. Increased airflow results in greater low- to mid-range torque to provide the wide powerband that outboards need. It also includes a water separator that aids in keeping water out of the electronic throttle body, and a heat shield to keep intake air as cool as possible.

HYDRODYNAMIC GEAR CASE The DF300 has a lower unit that utilizes a sleek, hydrodynamic design to reduce drag created as the outboard moves through the water. This advanced design contributes to faster acceleration and increased speed.

DURABILITY IN AND OUT The DF 300 incorporates a number of features that help to guard the outboard against exposure to the elements. Suzuki Anti-Corrosion Finish is specially formulated to protect parts of the aluminum exterior that are constantly exposed to saltwater. Dual engine flush ports make flushing of the engine as easy as possible. Other features that increase the DF300's durability include forged pistons treated with an Alumite coating for increased heat resistance and a resin coating on the piston skirt for improved resistance to wear and friction reduction, and a water-cooled voltage regulator in the outboard's electrical system.

suzuki df300 remote control

Suzuki Precision Control (Electronic Throttle and Shift Systems)

Suzuki Precision Control offers boaters the latest in technologically advanced control systems. The core of the system is a sophisticated computer-based control system that does away with the mechanical cables found in conventional control systems, replacing them with electronic wiring that eliminates the source of friction and resistance. While you enjoy smooth, friction free throttle operation, the system's computer is processing and transmitting commands in real-time to actuators at the engine that do all of the physical work, delivering precise throttle control with smoother, decisive shifting. This is most evident in the low rpm range where operation is noticeably smooth and accurate. Suzuki Precision Control also features built-in systems that help guard the engine and drive against damage due to mishandling, and its design and simple wiring make installation easy, reducing the time required for rigging and adjustment. The system offers precision control for triple installation as well as dual station operation.

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