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First In Class With Roller Rocker Arms. These are the first outboards in their respective classes to utilize a roller with internal bearings on the cam slipper surface for both the intake and exhaust valves. The roller changes contact between the camshaft and rocker arm from a conventional sliding action to a rolling action reducing friction in rocker arm operation.

First In Class With Roller Rocker Arms Suzuki df25a

Offset Crankshaft. Positioning the crankshaft slightly off center of the cylinder reduces lateral pressure against the cylinder wall as the piston moves up and down in the cylinder. The result is smoother piston movement, which improves operating efficiency.

Offset Crankshaft New Suzuki df25a

Direct Intake And Engine Cover Ventilation. A new engine cover design provides the direct intake system with a smoother, cooler flow of air boosting engine operating efficiency. This, together with a newly designed air cleaner allows higher power output from a small displacement.

New Suzuki df25a Direct Intake And Engine Cover Ventilation

The rotation flywheel helps reduce temperatures inside the engine cover by venting warm air to the outside from the recoil cover, inner air intake, and engine upper cover.

rotation flywheel

Engine Monitoring LED Indicators. The LED monitoring system utilizes three LEDs to keep you informed of current operating conditions. Located in an easily visible position, the LEDs provide easy to understand monitoring at a glance so you can enjoy a pleasurable boating experience.

Engine Monitoring LED Indicators Outboard DF25A

Engine Flush Port. To help protect the engine from damage caused by salt, sand, and dirt that can build up in the engine's cooling system, the outboards are equipped with an easy to access freshwater flush port to make cooling system flushing as easy and convenient as possible.

SUZUKI DF25A Engine Flush Port

Lightest In Class (According to in-house investigations as of February 2014). Featuring some of Suzuki's best technologies, the DF25A/30A are the lightest outboards available in the 18.4kW (25PS)/22.1kW (30PS) four-stroke outboard class.

Lean Burn

Suzuki Lean Burn Control System. This intelligent fuel management system predicts fuel needs by monitoring engine performance and operating conditions to deliver a leaner fuel mixture to the engine. The result is remarkable improvements in fuel economy.

топливная эффективность df25a по сравнению с df25v-twin

New Generation Fuel Injection System (Battery-Less Fuel Injection). A remarkably compact and lightweight fuel injection system is designed to fit into these outboards without adding unneeded bulk or weight. What's more, it operates without a battery and still delivers quicker starts, smoother operation, and more acceleration in all conditions.

Easy Start Recoil. Fuel injection delivers easier starts, but Suzuki goes a step further incorporating a very light recoil starter into these outboards. Requiring less pull strength, the Easy Start Recoil Starter makes starting the outboard quick and easy.

Easy Start Recoil SUZUKI DF25-A

Suzuki's Anti Corrosion System. Suzuki protects the outboard's exterior from harmful corrosion with its own specially formulated anti-corrosion finish. Applying the finish directly to the outboard's aluminum surface, allows maximum bonding of the finish to the surface to increase durability and help protect parts that are constantly exposed to saltwater.

Anti Corrosion System Engine df25-a
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