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Посмотреть параметры модели Suzuki DF 140A

THE development of lightweight and responsive four-strokes continues with the release of Suzuki's DF140A four-stroke. Haines Suzuki, the Australian distributor for the Japanese outboard company, last week unveiled the new engine to marine media on Queensland's Moreton Bay.

The fuel efficiency and increased performance of modern-day four-stroke technology is creating a wider appeal for boaties across more boat styles and markets. Suzuki said it expects the new release will also appeal to existing Suzuki 140hp owners looking to re-power and and take advantage of the lighter and more efficient technology.

Haines Suzuki made available the older model 140 for an on-water caparison before unbolting and switching outboards for the afternoon session. The outboards were tested on a Haines Signature 543F, a nice boat for the sloppy conditions we experienced that afternoon.

The new 140 was quieter and smoother overall than the previous model and more responsive in mid range acceleration. At 179 kilos, the DF140A is 7kg lighter than previous models and features a lightweight new style engine cowling which is said to increase airflow by 45 per cent.

The DF140A is a 2044 cm3 in-line four cylinder 16 valve four-stroke and the most powerful in a three model range that also includes 115 and 100hp variants.

Suzuki claims the new outboard is 14 per cent more fuel efficient than its predecessor at an average cruising speed. The company's Lean Burn Control System allows the engine to run more efficiently via a cleaner air/fuel ratio. Other key points of the new outboard include its Offset Driveshaft which positions the powerhead forward of the drive shaft. This creates better weight distribution and directional stability which results in less engine vibration, Suzuki says. The DF140A's Multi-point Sequential EFI calculates the optimum amount and exact timing of fuel to be injected which results in what is claimed to be smoother, faster and more responsive acceleration.

Other features include Suzuki's Smart Start one touch starting, Electronic Trim Limiter, Knock Sensor, and H20 in Fuel Alarm. Optional accessories include a Troll Mode switch and multi-function tiller Handle for the 100 and 115hp models.


Brisbane's Bayside Marine swapping the old for the new
Suzuki's old cowling, left, next to the lighter and re-designed model
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